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Ukrainian Beauty: Seattle edition

There is no place like home… That is what you think even after many years of living in another country. You can be a passion traveler, an adventure enthusiast and have a soul of a gipsy, but you will always need to have your own culture and traditions. I think this is why we are happy and in need to share our history with all people around the World. By showing a part of our culture we are giving a part of our heart. That means a lot and it is in our human nature.

This is the collaboration of two Ukrainian girls – Lesia (Lesia Photography Studios) and Marina (model Marina Yesakova). Marina was impressed and inspired by the project made by Patoka Studio. That was an amazing art with many celebrities involved. Named as “Shchyri” (means “Honest”) it is about honest feelings, a love for Ukraine, a love for people. Marina decided to give it a try and do some art thousands miles away from home. Luckily she found traditional outfits in Seattle by asking her friends and combining all the parts to reflect Ukrainian roots and beauty. Missing her home Lesia felt more that just national connection and jumped into the process. Girls worked on wreaths together and did a few shoots to try different looks and locations. And now they are ready to share their work with you… More

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